USCGC Smilax – A History

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Smilax, which will be honored as the “Queen of the Fleet” on April 14, 2011, is the oldest commissioned Coast Guard cutter. The Coast Guard construction tender, a unique 100-foot bay and sound tender, was designed by the […]

Silver Ancient Mariner to attend “Queen of the fleet” Ceremony

The Silver Ancient Mariner is the ceremonial title given to the enlisted person with the earliest date of qualification as a cutterman and at least 10 years sea duty.  The first enlisted Ancient Mariner was QMCM Clarence E. Dowden who accepted the honor in 1980. The […]

USCGC Smilax Crest Decoded

On 14 April 2011, Coast Guard Cutter Smilax will be crowned as the “Queen of the fleet.” A new ships crest was designed to incorporate the history and this honor. Here is the crest decoded: Natu Maximus Mandatum Traba: Latin for […]

Gold Ancient Mariner to Preside over Smilax ceremony

On 14 April 2011, the Gold Ancient Mariner will crown the Coast Guard Cutter Smilax “Queen of the Fleet.” The Gold Ancient Mariner is a ceremonial title given to the officer with the earliest date of qualification as a cutterman. The […]

Smilax receives oldest commissioned cutter plaque

On 11 March 2011, in Ketchikan, Alaska, Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet was decommissioned. As part of the ceremony BOSN Scott McAloon, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Cutter Smilax, received the United States Coast Guard Oldest Cutter plaque. Transfer of this plaque […]