How the Coast Guard supports maritime commerce and the ship-building industry

  By Lt. Amanda Faulkner and PA1 Seth Johnson The Coast Guard is known for saving lives at sea, but did you know the service plays a huge role in the economy, too? As a regulatory entity, the Coast Guard […]

Coast Guard Cutter Kennebec helps get commerce moving after Hurricane Florence

Early on the morning of Sept. 16th, 2018, the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Kennebec cast off their lines, carefully navigated out of Coast Guard Base Portsmouth, Virginia, and at their top speed of eight knots, began their slow decent […]

New Coast Guard admiral to lead the Mid-Atlantic

Often the Coast Guard is defined by its actions and reputation as one of the world’s premiere maritime lifesaving and law enforcement agencies, and the Coast Guard’s 5th District has a new leader for the rescuers and guardians in the […]

Hoax calls affect us all

“This is the fishing vessel Sol e Mar. This is a mayday, we’re sinking, we need help now!” were some of the last words of 19-year-old Billy Hokanson, as the fishing boat that he and his father, William was on […]

Reserves at the ready

At the mouth of the Delaware River Bay is a Coast Guard station which is uniquely being manned by an all-reserve crew to help their active duty members who usually staff the station during the summer months. Station Roosevelt Inlet […]

Continuing a legacy: Being a plank owner on the Richard Snyder

  Richard Snyder was a member of Navy Beach Party Number Six, on the Island of Biak, near Papua New Guinea, and when grenades began to rain down from caves and explode, there was no doubt they were being attacked […]

Fires, Floods and Fixes – How the Damage Controlman Keeps us Safe

  One part firefighter, one part carpenter, one part plumber, one part welder and a whole lot of knowledge to keep crews safe when the trouble hits the fan. The Damage Controlman, or the DC rating, is comprised of Coast […]

U.S. Coast Guard members moor up the 45-foot Response Boat - Medium 45601 at Station Little Creek, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Mar. 27, 2018. 45601 was the first RB-M introduced into the service on Mar. 31, 2008, and celebrates a 10-year-anniversary on Mar. 31, 2010. (U.S. Coast Guard photograph by Petty Officer 3rd Class Joshua L. Canup)

10 Years Strong: The 45-foot Response Boat – Medium

By Petty Officer 3rd Class Joshua L. Canup   Nathan Reynolds stood on a wooden Coast Guard pier looking to the water’s edge at an orange and silver boat used for saving lives and assisting mariners in distress, and bears […]

A group of speakers and attendees stand together at the 2018 Black History Month celebration at Base Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Virginia, Feb. 20, 2018. The event was a celebration of African-American legacy, achievements and contributions in the armed forces to the nation in time of war. (U.S. Coast Guard photograph by Petty Officer 3rd Class Joshua L. Canup)

Remembering their Courage: 2018 Black History Month Celebration at Base Portsmouth

  Written by Lt. j.g. Mimose Parvilus and Wilma Neal Over 100 members of U.S. Coast Guard Base Portsmouth took part in 2018 Black History Month by celebrating African-American legacy, achievements, and contributions to the armed forces during times of […]

Cutter Sea Horse: 87 feet of teamwork and mentorship

By PA3 Nate Cox   Small space and tight quarters are the norm on Coast Guard Cutter Sea Horse, resulting in teamwork and close friendships among the crew. Sounds of engines roaring, kitchen pans clanging and crew laughing compose the […]

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