The Carolina Cup – The ‘Battle of the Borders’ Continues!


We often talk about how small the Coast Guard is and often you are stationed with people time and time again. Well this is how this whole ‘Battle of the Borders’  started. The Officers-in-Charge and Executive Petty Officers from Station Oak Island, North Carolina and Station Georgetown, South Carolina had all served with each other previously and all enjoyed golfing.

This may have led to some competiveness between the station – and perhaps a little rivalry between the two stations. You see it’s only fitting; Station Oak Island is located in North Carolina and is the southernmost station in Sector North Carolina and the Fifth District. Station Georgetown on the other hand is located in South Carolina and is the northern most station in Sector Charleston and falls within the Seventh District.IMG_0082 From that rivalry grew the ‘Battle of the Borders’  North Carolina vs. South Carolina, AKA ‘The Fab Five’ vs. ‘The Super 7’ – leading to this now annual golf tournament located on a  a golf course that is located half in North Carolina and half in South Carolina.

The tournament format was a 2 man scramble (best ball). This year’s tournament was expanded to include members from the respective sectors.  After last year’s disappointing finish where Station Oak Island lost to Station Georgetown, the team from the north was ready to do battle.  While it was looking pretty good for Station Georgetown in the beginning, ultimately Station Oak Island and members of Sector NC were victorious and brought the Carolina Cup trophy back home to the Fifth District! (Insert loud golf clap here!)

Standby for next year, as the ‘Battle of the Border’ plans to grow bigger as  they’re looking to incorporate the Chief Petty Officer Association and other units within the two Sectors!

-BMCS A. Mark Kannan

Officer in Charge

USCG Station Oak Island, NC