Atlantic City’s Recruiter In Charge

Chief Petty Officer Nick Scheck stands in front of Coast Guard Recruiting Office Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Chief Petty Officer Nick Scheck stands in front of Coast Guard Recruiting Office Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Story and photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Nick Ameen

The decision to enlist in the Coast Guard can be a big deal in a person’s life, and the process of joining should not be taken lightly.

The Coast Guard offers many different types of jobs, including electricians, mechanics and cooks, all of which can be explored on

“We like to see that people have done their research,” said Chief Petty Officer Nick Scheck, the recruiter in charge of Coast Guard Recruiting Office Atlantic City, New Jersey. “The more they can tell us about what they want to do, the more we can help them.” is the Coast Guard’s only official recruiting website, and Scheck says to beware of bad information or hearsay. Scheck said he’s heard numerous rumors about eligibility requirements, including how you have to have previously served in the Navy, or that you need to have a bachelor’s degree or a score of 90 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

“The standards haven’t changed in my time as a recruiter,” said Scheck. “The Coast Guard has a lot of great job opportunities and we are currently looking for applicants eligible to serve in the military. Look into it and try, and we’ll see what we can do.”

Scheck said the amount of time spent with prospective recruits, from their first visit to the recruiting office until they begin basic training, is about eight months, although he said he’s seen it happen as quickly as four months in some cases.

Scheck said he keeps in touch with each of his applicants, and even said about one in particular serving in the Florida Keys: “She’s going to be a master chief, I can tell.”

Preparation is paramount in the processing phase.

“Start studying for the ASVAB before you come in,” said Scheck. “This will make the application process go more quickly and smoothly. Also have all of your medical documents in order. If you have been to the doctor for anything more serious than the common cold, try to have paperwork.”

Ensuring you can do push-ups and sit-ups is also important, Scheck continued. And of course, dress for success.

“A visit with a recruiter is still a job interview,” said Scheck. “Please be courteous, professional, and dress appropriately when coming to see us. The more we are impressed with you, the harder we will work to get you in the Coast Guard, because you will be a benefit to our service.”

Scheck and his family moved to Northfield in July 2014 from Orlando, Florida. He said he loves living in South Jersey and all the people here.

“It’s a lot more rural than people think, so we do a lot of outdoor activities,” said Scheck. “We go to Birch Grove Park a lot; I take my son there all the time. We also enjoy going to the boardwalk in Ocean City.”

Scheck was previously stationed in South Jersey back in 2003. He was a crewmember aboard the 210-foot Coast Guard Cutter Dependable, homeported in Cape May.

Recruiting Office Atlantic City is where anyone living in South Jersey should call to begin the recruiting process. Located in Northfield, the office has a minimal staff, so appointments are required. Scheck and his crew can be reached at 609-484-8260.

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