Featured Station Mascot: Boomer, a rescue pup of the Eastern Shore

Boomer's looking forward to the day when he makes boatswain's mate!

Boomer’s looking forward to the day when he makes boatswain’s mate!

October is National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and here in the Fifth District, several of the station’s mascots are former shelter dogs. This month’s story is of Boomer, the mascot at Coast Guard Station Crisfield.

Boomer's first picture after finding his "forever home."

Boomer’s first picture after finding his “forever home.”

Tucked away on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is Coast Guard Station Crisfield, home to both a small boat station and an aids to navigation unit. The crews maintain the waterways of this coastal community and respond to mariners in distress. When they come back from the mission at hand, they’re greeted by a friendly wag from Boomer, the station’s mascot.

Boomer found his forever home with Chief Petty Officer Anthony Sofo and the crew of Station Crisfield last December. Boomer is a German-Shepherd and believed to be around three years old. Sofo adopted Boomer from a K-9 Lifesavers adoption event held in Philadelphia. Coming from a “lifesaving” adoption agency, it seems Boomer was destined for his future service in the Coast Guard!

Currently, Boomer is a non-rate, but Sofo says he is looking to strike boatswain’s mate eventually. Boomer loves hanging out on the boats on the pier and sometimes has to be “strongly encouraged” to come back inside into the station. Aside from Boomer’s love of the small boats, he loves participating in the crew’s physical fitness routine. He frequently joins the crew in their runs around the local area which helps them keep ready for the rigorous demands of being a Coast Guard boat crew.

Boomer is a great team player and loves hanging out with the Coast Guard men and women at Station Crisfield; however, he does have a mischievous streak in him much like famed Coast Guard mascot, Sinbad. One evening at the station, Boomer managed to lock himself into the female restroom. While he was locked in the restroom, he somehow turned the water on in the sink and threw himself a party using the toilet paper as makeshift streamers. With these types of antics, it may be awhile before Boomer earns the rank of Petty Officer!

Boomer guarding the couch in Chief Sofo's office, one of his favorite locations at the station.

Boomer guarding the couch in Chief Sofo’s office, one of his favorite locations at the station.

Overall, Boomer is a great dog with a very playful personality. When the crew has a moment to spare, he’s right there looking for a scratch behind the ears or for someone to play his favorite game of tug-of-war with him. When he’s not playing with his new Coast Guard family, his favorite spot to curl up and take a nap is the couch in Sofo’s office. If you happen to be out on the Eastern Shore checking out the scenery, be sure to keep your eyes out for Boomer and his hard working Coast Guard family!