The Carolina Cup – Battle of the Borders

The teams pose with the Carolina Cup.

The teams pose with the Carolina Cup.


For several months now the Commands of Station Oak Island and Station Georgetown have been talking up a golf challenge!  Mostly this consisted of trash talk, with each unit proclaiming their Carolina based unit was better. I mean, could you write a better script? Station Oak Island is the southernmost station in North Carolina and Station Georgetown is the northernmost station in South Carolina. It goes even much further than just station versus station; each station was indirectly representing their State, Sector, and District. Most of us in the Coast Guard have heard the self proclaimed labels over the years, such as “The Super 7” and “The Fab Five” referencing the Districts … but NOW the Districts/States/Sectors/Stations would battle it out!

So the inaugural Carolina Cup Battle of Border was born. A date was set and rules of play were negotiated.  The golf course was determined…  and, how awesome is this? Farmstead Golf Course,  located half in North Carolina and half in South Carolina, gave neither team a home advantage!

The teams poses near the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

The teams poses near the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

Friendly greetings, handshakes and fist bumps flowed between the two teams as they met up and found their way to the driving range for a few minutes of practice on the morning of the 25th of July. It wasn’t long before the trash talking started up again though!  Station Oak Island immediately took the lead on the first four holes, but found themselves down by one stroke after the ninth hole. The back nine was give and take between the teams as well,  and even included a little sabotaging of each teams’ equipment.

In the end it was Station Georgetown who immerged as the victors by one stroke and took home the trophy! (insert golf clap here) However, it may not have an opportunity to collect any dust on their trophy case as Station Oak Island is eager for a rematch!  They may even bring reinforcements from neighboring stations to bring that trophy back home to District 5!


Featured in the photos:

Team Oak Island

Officer in Charge       BMCS A. Mark Kannan

Executive Petty Officer  BMC Matt Jordan

Operations Petty Officer BM1 Jason Johnson

Auxilarist Flotilla 10-5 Dan Agopsowicz


Team Georgetown

Officer in Charge       BMCS Travis Park

Executive Petty Officer BMC Bryce Adams

Food Service Officer     FS1 Derrick Dolan

Crew Member             BM3 Kyle Monson


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