>U. S. Coast Guard Outreach & Innovation Center


The Coast Guard Outreach Innovation Center obtains and stores promotional marketing items until an order for the item is received.  The center is responsible for maintaining and tracking inventory and coordinating repair of damaged items.  Once an order is received the center picks and packs the item(s) and prepares them for shipping, attachment of packaging slip and labeling package(s) with shipping address.  The shipment of outbound and returned displays is funded by D5 Prevention Division for authorized users.  Shipping is generally completed with a commercial courier services. The majority of shipments are sent via “ground” courier mode to minimize cost.  Ground deliveries generally take 2 business days within our seven state operating area. Express overnight shipments are made only under extenuating circumstances. We strongly recommended that eligible users submit requests 20 days in advance to facilitate reserving selected display inventory and ensure on time delivery.  Once a request is received it will be cross checked with inventory scheduling and an email response will be generated to indicate confirmation or non-availability.  Availability of display items may be limited during high demand use periods.  IMPORTANT – all InnovationvCenter services are conducted through the web site portal only.  Requests for services are not available via FAX or telephone.  Customers may monitor shipments using the tracking number provided by the selected courier service; the tracking number will be delivered to the requesting email address. Additionally, each order is issued an Innovation Center order number that links it to the user’s online request and internal inventory controls.
The display inventory has been developed for short term use, i.e. one or a few events scheduled within a few days of each other. Displays, exhibits and accessories MUST be returned on time or other users may be denied Outreach support due to short inventory.  If customers anticipate problems returning an item they should “Contact Innovation Center Customer Service” as soon as possible.  Help us help others by taking good care of the equipment you receive.  All outreach items are professional high quality trade show equipment that has been procured at significant investment.  Please take extra care in the transport, handling and assembly of your display.  If you experience difficulty assembling your display, contact Customer Service below for assistance.  If it appears that willful negligence was responsible for damage to an item or excessive late return of item the situation will be carefully reviewed by the center and administrative actions may be rendered including loss of future Innovation Center eligibility.