>Tank Vessel and Facility Reponse Plan Update Requirements

>By February 22, 2011, Tank Vessel Response Plans (VRP) and Marine Transportation Related Facility Response Plans (FSP) are required to update their plans for Salvage and Marine Firefighting (SMFF) and “CAPS” Dispersent Regulation IAW 33 CFR Part 155, Subpart I. 

Updates are to be submitted to CG-5431 (VRP Program) for approval.  CG-5431 will issue Interim Operating Authorization (IOA) Letters for all tank VRP updates received that comply with the requirements. 

The IOA will be effective for 180 days and replaced by a VRP approval letter after a comprehensive review for compliance with the SMFF and “CAPS” dispersant regulations has been completed by CG-5431.

Guidance for implementation and enforcement of the SMFF regulations can be found in NVIC 02-10.