>Cruise Ship NCOE Quarterly Newsletter


The Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise (CSNCOE) provides unique partnerships between the Coast Guard and the foreign cruise ship industry. Seated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the center is uniquely located near the heart of the cruise ship industry.

The industry and Coast Guard benefit from this geographical proximity through the daily interaction and direct contact, working in partnership to meet the challenges related to compliance with International safety standards, maritime security, and environmental standards. The high pace of local cruise ship operations and industry investment make it possible for the Coast Guard to become experts on cruise ship design, construction, and operations.

The CSNCOE recently released newsletter #4, Winter 2011 Edition.  The newsletter contains guidance on technical and operational issues; reminders of Cruise Line contacts: Currents Events; Enforcement Reminders & Technical Notes; FAQ’s for 2010; Test Your FPVE Knowledge; Cruise Ship Construction Book; CSNCOE & Cruise Line Contact Information; and Nationwide FPV Exam Workload. 

The purpose of the newsletter is to keep Coast Guard foreign passenger vessel examiners and Coast Guard field offices current on recent and planned activities in the cruise shipping industry and to provide recommendations based on feedback received from the industry and field. The newsletter is available on CG Portal via the Cruise Ship NCOE’s Library.