>CGC SMILAX transits narrow waterway to repair range

>The Aids to Navigation fleet is renowned for creating ship-drivers that maneuver the ships in close proximity to shoal water, rocks and even land to maintain waterways and repair aids to navigation.  Among the fleet, the construction tenders are faced with the most challenging access and shallowest waterways.

Pictured to the right, the CGC SMILAX transits the Alligator-Pungo River cut. The picture shows how narrow the waterway is as the water is being pulled from the shallows after the bow passes, then breaking with the stern wake. This is typical as SMILAX transits the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and other narrow waterways.

Why transit these narrow waterways?  To conduct the AtoN mission of rebuilding aids to navigation.  

SMILAX recently recovered the wreckage of Adam’s Creek Front Range A and rebuilt the aid. The recovery is pictured below.