>Aids to Navigation Team!

>The Aids to Navigation units are often noted for being some of the hardest working units in the Coast Guard. Seldom praise is sung towards the camaraderie and team effort that defines the mission and its units. The dedicated Commanding Officers / Officers in Charge and their crews work everyday to assist other units. This manifests in standing by as line-handlers for neighboring ships, assisting to repairs AtoN discrepancies and sharing the workload. No AtoN leadership likes to have to say “No- I can’t help.”

In completion of the Seasonal AtoN this year, the Aids to Navigation TEAM was in full force. The Coast Guard responsibility to mariners and colder temperatures could not be delayed. A prolonged unscheduled maintenance period on a cutter threatened the seasonal work.

SLEDGE delivering hulls to WILLIAM TATE

This winter, the joint operations between JAMES RANKIN, WILLIAM TATE and SLEDGE enabled the completion of seasonals in the Upper Chesapeake Bay and Elk River. JAMES RANKIN worked additional aids to overcome unscheduled maintenance on a cutter. SLEDGE , while working her own seasonals, transported the barge used by WILLIAM TATE between the cutter and Baltimore, greatly increasing the efficiency of the operation.

SLEDGE offloading buoy hulls alongside WILLIAM TATE
The outstanding team effort exhibited by the three cutters enabled the operations to be completed. This team effort is an excellent example of the “way we do business” in the Aids to Navigation community.