>WILLIAM TATE Seasonal Aids to Navigation Work- Just in the Nick of Time


Each year the Aids to Navigation Units within the Fifth Coast Guard District work to prepare the waterways for the possibility of ice by conducting ice reliefs and seasonal disestablishments. Ice reliefs are when regular buoy hulls are replaced with hulls that are specifically designed to withstand ice and growth. In mid-December, the crew of the WILLIAM TATE worked to complete the reliefs in the Upper Chesapeake Bay, the ice did not wait for them to complete their work.  The “Keeper Class” buoy tenders, such as WILLIAM TATE have hulls capable of operating in ice up to 18” thick. This new ice did not pose a challenge for the cutter as they pushed through it to complete their work.

Ice Monitoring and Ice breaking is a function of Fifth District Prevention. The Waterways Management Staff, in coordination with the Sectors, maintains an Ice Website with daily ice conditions. The Fifth District Ice Website can be accessed at: http://www.uscg.mil/d5/ICE_REPORT/ .