>D5 Auxiliary Divisions Team Up and More Than Double Effort in North Carolina

>Auxiliarist Serving in Central and Western North Carolina merged at the end of 2008 from two Divisions into one Division.

Some thought the merger would be the demise of the Auxiliary’s presence in that part of the state.  However, the merger is proving to have had the exact opposite effect.

Growth in hours of support to the Coast Guard’s Recreational Boating Safety mission have more than doubled in 2010 from what the total amount of effort the two divisions did separately at the end of 2008.

Recognizing the success of the Auxiliary’s efforts as the primary presence in the area, Captain Anthony Popiel, Commander, Sector North Carolina, presented the members of Division 26 a Meritorious Team Commendation and thanked them for all their support at a recent Division Change of Watch.