>Beware of the Rogue Wave


Rogue waves can be a significant threat to anyone on the open ocean, including some of the largest ocean going vessels such as cruise ships, container ships, tankers, and, of course, Coast Guard and Naval vessels.

According to the science behind the study of rogue waves, it’s a phenomenon where wave dynamics, currents, ocean depths, and wind conditions come together in such a way to produce a wave that is much larger, in relative terms, than the prevailing sea state at the time. It’s this dynamic “focusing effect” that seems to produce the big one.

Although any rough sea state can be dangerous, it’s the really big one that may sneak up on you and catch you by surprise. We all know from watching the Discovery Channel’s “Most Dangerous Catch” series that every now and then a really big wave crashes over the vessel and sends the deck hands bolting for safety wherever they can.

Over the years, Coast Guard Investigators have conducted many investigations into crewmembers being washed overboard by a large wave that “came out of nowhere.”

The below video is an awesome display of the beautiful but raw power of the ocean during a storm.

For those of you on Government computers, you may not be able to see the video. However, just Google “En Un Mar Picado” and you can find it on YouTube.