>Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)

>Have you been paying attention to Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)? Are you wondering how it may affect you? Do you know what’s being planned for your coastal region? Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard the term?

MSP is an interagency and stakeholder process for planning the uses of the coastal area in which a variety of activities (wind energy, oil drilling, navigation, fishing, recreation, etc.) compete for space, thus the term, “Maritime Spatial Planning.” The goal is to promote the planned and rational use of the coastal regions and protect the biodiversity of the affected ecosystem.

The Coast Guard’s role is to protect the balance of competing interests and to ensure that navigation of vessels or other vital and national security interests are not impeded. We also seek to ensure that the maritime space is used effectively and efficiently to promote the long-term sustainable use of the marine/coastal resources.

So what’s happening in your area? Check out the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulatory Enforcement (BOEMRE), formerly Minerals Management Service (MMS) and find your State of interest. We in the Fifth District regularly attend meetings hosted by BOEMRE to ensure Coast Guard interests and responsibilities are maintained.