>Construction Tender Course Aboard USCGC SMILAX


Article by Jack Betz FSO-NS

Scenes from the “Construction Tender Course” I attended the week of 16-20 AUG 2010 presented by instructors from the “USCG National Aids to Navigation School”. The USCGC SMILAX (WLIC-315) based at Fort Macon, and commanded by CWO Scott McAloon, hosted the course. The students, consisting of petty officers preparing for qualification as Construction Tender Buoy Deck Supervisors, came from cutters based throughout the country. Classroom instruction was held in the Sector NC training room. A good part of the course was observing and performing practical exercises dockside and aboard the Smilax. One day we got underway and constructed a multi-pile lighted structure at the Adams Creek ICW.