>CARNIVAL GLORY Enters Port of Norfolk

>This morning, I heard the loud but distinct sound of a long horn blast that indicated a large ship had moored in Norfolk, VA. I quickly hooked up my dog for a morning walk and my wife and I walked the docks to see what was there.

Before long, we could see the passenger vessel CARNIVAL GLORY moored to the Half Moone cruise facility in Norfolk, VA. According to the Norfolk Police, the ship moored next to Half Moon passenger terminal around 0800 this morning and began disembarking passengers. From that point forward, hundreds of buses, limos, personal cars, and taxis lined the streets to transport the various passengers. Along the inner docks, food trucks, supplies, and general purveyors began loading the CARNIVAL GLORY for it next at-sea adventure to Bermuda. Thousands of passengers had disembarked and many thousands were prepared to leave to location ports such as Nassau, Bahamas, and Freeport, Bahamas.

The attached pictures show the CARNIVAL GLORY as it appears moored next to Half Moon passenger facility in Norfolk, Va.