>This is a plug for attending the 2010 Clean Gulf Conference, October 19-20, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida.

If you’ve never attended a conference like this, we highly recommend you do. If you regularly attend, then you know the benefits of networking, seeing new oil spill response products, gleaning lessons learned from recent events/incidents, and a listening to presentations on an assortment of interesting prevention and response topics.

This year, they will hold a special “mega session” where they will discuss and present a wide array of oil spill prevention and response techniques, processes and developments both in technology and services stemming from the Deepwater Horizon incident. They will also hold an educational program on a new deep water OSRO capability that focuses on Deep Offshore Prevention & Response that includes Blow-out prevention, remote operated vehicles, deep offshore SONS/Spill of National Significance, oil spill containment, subsea technology, deepwater oil spill response, in-situ burn, dispersants and subsea dispersants on containment. It should be very interesting.