>Special Local Regulation; USCG City Portsmouth Celebration Rowing Regatta on the Elizabeth River (Aug. 6, 2010)

>The Captain of the Port Hampton Roads will enforce a temporary special local regulation from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on August 6, 2010, on the Elizabeth River, Portsmouth, Virginia, that will temporarily restrict vessel traffic during the USCG City Portsmouth Celebration Rowing Regatta.

During the Regatta, crew rowing races will be held on the Elizabeth River adjacent to the Portsmouth seawall from High Street Landing to Livingston Street located on Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The crew rowing races will consist of approximately 20 outrigger canoes conducting slow speed straight line runs along the river and parallel to the shoreline. The regulated area includes a section of the Elizabeth River approximately one half mile long and bounded in width from shoreline to shoreline, bounded to the north by the waters adjacent to High Street Landing located at latitude 360 50’07” N, longitude 0760 17’46” W (NAD 1983), and bounded to the south by the waters adjacent to Livingston Street on Norfolk Naval Shipyard located at latitude 360 49’30” N, longitude 0760 17’34” W (NAD 1983).

The regulated area has been narrowly tailored to impose the least impact on general navigation yet ensure public safety. Vessel traffic may be able to transit the regulated area when deemed safe by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard asks mariners to change plans accordingly to minimize the effects of this special local regulation.

The Coast Guard will monitor VHF channels 13 and 16 during the event. Mariners are reminded to use extreme caution when transiting this area.