>Report Blames Excessive Load for Vessel’s Sinking in 2008

>SEATTLE — A Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation concluded that an “excessively loaded” hold, an unsecured door, and an “imprudent decision” to push into a huge storm contributed to the Oct. 22, 2008, sinking of the Seattle-based Katmai that killed seven crew members. The report’s recommendations include calls for mandatory training of fishing-boat captains, mandatory inspections of all fishing vessels, and improvements in crew training. Some of these recommendations were also suggested after the 2001 sinking of the Seattle-based Arctic Rose that killed 15 crew. But the Katmai report notes that those proposals have yet to be acted upon. Read more.

Read the Coast Guard’s press release.

The Report of Investigation can be downloaded from the Coast Guard’s Office of Investigations and Analysis websites at either http://marineinvestigations.us or http://homeport.uscg.mil in the Marine Casualty Reports section of either website.