>Port Security Advisory 11-09 (Rev 1): Coast Guard Counter-piracy Information

>The Coast Guard recently issued Port Security Advisory (11-09)(Rev 1) announcing that the original guidance provided in Port Security Advisory (11-09); Supplementary Guidance on Antipiracy Defensive Measures for U.S. flagged vessels operating in High Risk Waters has been incorporated into Maritime Security (MARSEC) Directlive 104-6 (Rev 3) and is now compulsory for vessels subject to the directive.

MARSEC Directive 104-06 (Rev 3) was released on May 12, 2010 and is avaiable on CG Homeport. This directive is Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and is not subject to public disclosure. Revision 3 is available at the local Captain of the Port (COTP) offices and U.S. flagged vessel owners and operators, subject to this directive, should contact the COTP to request a copy. Contact information for the COTP officers can be found in the Port Directory at: http://homeport.uscg.mil.

PSA (2-09)(Rev 1); MARSEC Directive 104-6 (Rev 3) is the non-SSI version of this directive and is available at CG Homeport under the tabs: Missions > Maritime Security > International Port Security Program (ISPS Code) > Port Security Advisory