>Pollution Fines Pay for $1.5M in Coastal Work

>LYNDHURST, New Jersey – The U.S. Attorney for New Jersey and the U.S. Coast Guard Sectors New York and Delaware Bay recently announced 19 new grants totaling $1,531,391 to promote the health and living resources of the coast and oceans of New Jersey.

The grants were funded by community service payments made by three shipping companies as part of their criminal sentences for violating federal laws aimed at eliminating vessel pollution. The three criminal cases were U.S. v. Clipper Wonsild Tankers Holding A/S et. al., U.S. v. Dalnave Navigation Inc., and U.S. v. Holy House Shipping AB. The prosecution of the cases by the U.S. Attorney’s Office was made possible through the combined efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Criminal Investigation Division. Read the full article.