>Exceptional Auxiliarst to be honored with sign dedication


May 15, 2010 Division 6, 5th Northern Region (5NR)

A new United States Coast Guard Auxiliary sign representative of Division 6, 5NR will be dedicated in memory of Joseph Farber Flotilla 61, located at the public boat launch in Bordentown, NJ. This is where our National Safe Boating Week kick-off events are held to promote public safety and conduct Vessel Safety Checks. Auxiliarist Farber had surpassed all in record of his flotilla’s history in his number of vessel safety checks performed; indeed he surpassed all in division 6 during his time. His exceptional dedication earned this distinction. There will be a State Proclamation, as well as a Bordentown City Proclamation, presented at this ceremony. The 5NR Color Guard will be in attendance as well as local dignitaries from Bordontown.