>Availability of Oil Spill Removal Organization Resources in Areas Not Impacted by the Deepwater Horizion Incident

>In light of recent occurrences in the Gulf of Mexico, the Sector Baltimore Captain of the Port recently issued a Maritime Safety and Security Bulletin reminding all vessel and facility owners and operators within the Balimore COTP Zone that utilize an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), to ensure that their respective OSRO has the required level of available equipment and the ability to respond to a spill on their vessel or at their facility. While many OSROs may be sending resources to the Gulf of Mexico, ultimately the responsibility to ensure availability of response resources falls upon the vessel or facility owner or operator.

Questions about the bulletin should be directed to Sector Baltimore’s Waterways Management Division by calling LT Marie Castillo-Bletso at (410) 574-2513 or by e-mailing her at marie.m.castillo-bletso@uscg.mil with your specific concern.