>Coast Guard Issues Safety Alert on Watertight Doors

>The Coast Guard recently issued a safety alert reminding all operators of the importance of closing and dogging watertight doors when the vessel is underway. A push boating operating in the Houston Ship Channel recently sank, resulting in the death of the push boat crew and the narrow escape of two others, when it flooded through an open watertight door.

Watertight doors have been the subject of three other safety alerts involving fishing vessels and offshore supply vessels. Despite these awareness efforts, despite certain vessels having stability requirements requiring closure of such doors well documented in stability letters, despite owners and operators knowing what constitutes “Good Marine Practice,” and many other applicable regulations – the Coast Guard continues to investigate casualties where the failure to keep closed or properly maintain watertight doors is determined to be a causal factor!!

Mariners must take their safety into their own hands and keep these doors closed. It might just save your life!!