>Coast Guard Issues Safety Alert on DSC-equipped VHF Marine Radios

>The Coast Guard recently issued a safety alert stating that an automatic channel switching feature found on certain models of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipped VHF marine radios may create an unintended hazard by automatically switching from a working channel to Channel 16 when the radio receives a DSC distress alert, distress alert acknowledgement, or other DSC call where a VHF channel number has been designated. The Coast Guard strongly recommends disabling the automatic channel switching feature when maintaining a listening watch, communicating on the designated bridge-to-bridge radiotelephone, or monitoring the vessel traffic services (VTS) channel. The Coast Guard also strongly recommends that radio operators and other users ensure that the radio is on the proper channel when communicating or maintaining a listening watch. A listing of manufacturers of DSC-equipped VHF marine radios believed to be affected by this safety alert is available here.