>Investigation Report on Grounding of MAERSK KENDAL on Monggok Sebarok Reef

>The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) released the report of its investigation of the grounding of a container ship on Monggok Sebarok reef in the Singapore Strait on 16 September 2009. The container ship was on a westerly course transiting the Singapore Strait when three other vessels entered the Strait from Jong Channel just ahead of the container ship. To give those vessels sufficient clearance, the master altered course to starboard. Despite warnings from Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS), the master did not begin the maneuver back to the planned track in sufficient time to avoid grounding on the charted reef. The casualty was largely due to complacency and a failure of bridge team work. The investigation was impaired by the failure of the master to prevent the details of the incident on the voyage data recorder (VDR) from being over-written. The master was unfamiliar with the workings of the VDR. When he pressed the button on the control panel to preserve the data, he did not check to ensure that indictor light showing data preservation had illuminated. Report 2/2010 [Summary from Bryant’s Maritime Blog].