>Cargo Security Symposium Report

>The Office of Port and Facility Activities (CG-544), under the sponsorship of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee (NMSAC), convened a Cargo Security Symposium in Reston, Virginia on Sep. 24-25, 2009. The purpose of the symposium was to inform and guide the development of a national strategy for reducing the maritime security risks present in the bulk transportation and transfer of Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) within ports and waterways of the United States. Attendees represented a diverse mix of industry (shippers, facility operators, and carriers), state and local government representatives (law enforcement, emergency response, and homeland security), other government agencies, congressional staff, legal and insurance industries, and Coast Guard (field and headquarters) representatives. The report from the symposium is available on CG Homeport under the tabs: Missions > Cargo Security Symposium Report.