>2010 Passenger Vessel Association Convention

>The Fifth District (D5) Passenger Vessel Safety Specialist (PVSS), Mr. Dennis Spain, recently attended the Passenger Vessel Association’s 2010 Convention on Feb. 13-16 in Tampa, FL. Attending with him were the PVSS from D7, D11, D14 and D17 and approximately 250 PVA members. Other CG members included representatives from CG-5, CG534, CG-543, D7, and Sector St. Petersburg. CG Captains Dave Fish, Eric Christensen, Kevin Keiffer, Tim Close, Dave Stalfort, and Patrick Little spoke about new/emerging CG policies and their impacts on the maritime industry. At the President’s Closing Luncheon, Rear Admiral Brian Salerno discussed the state of the Coast Guard Marine Safety Program.

The Coast Guard and PVA relationship has grown into a valued partnership. To continue the growth and to build upon our working relationship, the PVA wants to participate in Sector Industry Days in any capacity needed, and welcomed the opportunity to host CG personnel for Industry Training. In return, the PVA members were offered an opportunity by Capt Patrick Little to send employees to the Marine Safety Center for Industry Training with the CG.