>Tokyo MOU Concerned About Poor Life Boat Drills

>The Tokyo MOU issued a press release stating that between Sep. 1 and Nov. 30, 2009, a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on lifeboat launching arrangements was conducted jointly with the Paris MOU. The 18 member authorities of the Tokyo MOU carried out a total of 6,128 initial inspections which included 4,834 CIC inspections. During each CIC inspection vital points of SOLAS Chapter III, ISM and the LSA Code requirements were verified.

Preliminary results from the Tokyo MOU inspections show that 18.2% (nearly one out of every five) of inspections revealed CIC-related deficiencies. During the 3 month period, 324 ships were detained. 38% of these detentions were CIC related. This means that in 123 cases the lifeboat launching appliances had deficiencies which were serious enough to detain the ship. This represents a detention rate for the CIC of 2.54%. During the campaign 1,764 CIC-related deficiencies were found. The campaign revealed that almost 12% (nearly one out of every eight) drills, when conducted, was not performed satisfactorily. This is an issue of serious concern to the Tokyou MOU Member States, and is often caused by lack of training.

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