>January 2010 Newsletter: Coast Guard Hearing Office Detachment

>The Coast Guard Hearing Office Detachment released its January 2010 Newsletter. This issue addresses: process changes for returning case files due to deficiencies; BUI and double jeoprady; fire extinguisher violations; citation changes concerning citizenship requirements onboard documented vessels; marine casualty reporting; promise of a warning from boarding officers; and letters of warning from the Hearing Officer.

The mission of the Coast Guard Hearing Office Detachment is to adjudicate civil penalty cases in support of the Commandant’s maritime safety and security strategy to compel compliance with federal laws and regulations, and deter violations in the maritime domain.

By balancing national interests, fairness, and the fundamental right to due process, the Detachment promotes protection of the environment, vessel safety, and security at facilities, ports and waterways.Additional information is available on CG Homeport under Missions > Regulations/Administrative Adjudications > Administrative Adjudications.