>Notice: Cargo Securing Methods for Packages in Transport Vehicles or Freight Containers

>The Coast Guard issued a notice of request for comments on methods for securing cargo in transport vehicles and freight containers in order to determine if a standardized approval or certification process or improved performance criteria for flexible strapping securing systems is needed.

Under current U.S. regulations and international codes, there is no certification or qualification standard for blocking, bracing, or for the use of strapping systems for securing cargo. Cargo must be secured to prevent shifting in any direction during transport. Packages of hazardous materials must be braced and dunnaged within a container so that they are not likely to be pierced or crushed and the materials must be in proper condition for transportation.

Currently, the specific method for securing cargo is left to the discretion of the individual or company packing the container. The Coast Guard is considering whether there is a need for a standardized certification or approval process for cargo securing systems. Comments should be submitted by March 9.