>Coast Guard Provides Free Training to Virginia Charter Boat Association

>Virginia Beach, V.A. – Last Wednesday evening, Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Program Inspector, Mr. James V. Glover, met with a small contingent of uninspected small passenger vessel operators of the Virginia Charter Boat Association. During the meeting, Mr. Glover (on the left in the below photo) provided an overview of the drug and alcohol testing regulations applicable to the charter boat industry. The meeting was coordinated by Captain Ron Bennett (on the right in the below photo) of the Association.

Federal regulations require marine employers to administer drug and alcohol testing programs for their employees. In an effort to achieve the common goal of a drug free work place, the Coast Guard provides free no-fault training to marine employers and employees upon request. The training may include topics such as required record keeping and reporting, specimen collection, Medical Review Officer activities, employee assistance programs, proper designation of crewmembers to be tested, and proper conduct of required tests.

Marine employers that wish to schedule either free no-fault training or an audit of their program may contact Mr. Glover at 757-398-6682. Additional information on the federal regulations and the responsbilities of marine employers and employees is available on CG Homeport Missions > Investigations > Drug and Alcohol Program.