>Operations Safe Catch Interim Results

>The Fifth Coast Guard District, which ranges from New Jersey to North Carolina, launched on Nov. 1, Operation Safe Catch 2010, a marine safety pulse operation that runs through Apr. 30, 2010. The pulse operation is intended to improve commercial fishing vessel safety and prevent loss of life and property at sea.

One month into the pulse operation, Fifth District Sectors and subordinate commands have collectively accomplished the following:

– Conducted 103 voluntary dockside safety exams onboard commercial fishing vessels, issuing 64 “safety decals” to vessels that were found in full compliance with the minimum federal safety requirements; and

– Boarded 75 commercial fishing vessels at-sea, issuing 7 violations and terminating 4 voyages for inherently unsafe conditions.

Voluntary dockside safety exams are thorough safety checks of the vessel by qualified examiners. They are free of charge and there is no penalty and/or fault to the owner/operator for safey discrepancies discovered during the exam. There is no penalty for not passing the dockside exam. Successful completion of a voluntary dockside safety exam results in the issuing of a “safety decal” which demonstrates a fishing vessel owner and operator’s commitment to safe operating practices.

During the past month, 37 fishing vessels were offered but declined a free-no fault exam by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard strongly encourages commercial fishing vessel owners and operators to contact their local Coast Guard Sector and schedule a free-no fault exam. Successfully passing a voluntary dockside Coast Guard safety exam can reduce the likelihood of Coast Guard at-sea boardings and may be considered by marine insurance underwriters when setting insurance rates.

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