>North Carolina Fishermen Receive Training

>Commercial fishermen in North Carolina from Morehead City, Beaufort, Sneads Ferry, Supply and Ocean Isle received training on the required safety equipment and proper usage required on various size commercial fishing vessels and also were given best practices on stability at sea. The training sessions were hosted by U. S. Coast Guard Sector North Carolina and U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Wilmington recently to fishermen throughout the state. Operation Safe Catch 2010 was discussed and the fishermen were able to ask questions and sign up for the free dockside examinations if they wished. They were told that commercial fishing vessels with current safety decals would be considered a “low priority,” thus allowing the fishermen more time to fish.

Between December and January North Carolina becomes the “hot spot” for the giant blue fin tuna to migrate down from the North. Commercial fishermen from North Carolina, as well as fishermen from as far away as New Jersey travel down to go after the large “high dollar” fish.
In Morehead City the annual “Blue Fin Tuna Town Meeting” was given by Sector North Carolina, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement, North Carolina Marine Fisheries, and the North Carolina Sea Grant. Topics included – required safety equipment, various state and federal regulations, and best practices for catching, landing, and handling the tuna for the best payback in return.