>Hess LNG Buys Crown Landing LNG Project from BP

>The Gloucester County Times reports that Hess LNG has purchased the Crown Landing LNG import project from BP. While acknowledging that the project faces a challenging global energy market and opposition from neighboring state Delaware, Hess LNG President and CEO Gordon Shearer said that Crown Landing “nicely fits [Hess LNG’s] portfolio.” Shearer stated, “We will give it our best shot.” LNGLawBlog.com

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approval authority for the construction and operation of LNG import and export facilities that are onshore or near shore within State waters.

In the LNG facility permiting process, the Coast Guard is a cooperating agency to FERC and reviews the plans for proposed LNG facilities and makes recommendations to FERC on the suitability of the waterway after considering the safety and security of the LNG facility and the LNG ships during transit to and from the facility while in U.S. waters.

FERC approved the site location for the BP Crown Landing LNG project in Jun. 2006.