>Coast Guard Imposes Conditions of Entry on Vessels Arriving From Madagascar

>The Coast Guard has determined that Madagascar is the most recent country not maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures in its ports. Port Security Advisory 10-09 and 74 FR 60283 lists the actions required of vessels that arrive in the United States, on or after December 4, 2009, after recently visiting ports in Madagascar.

In summary, each affected vessel must: (1) implement the Security Level 2 measures from its ship security plan while in a Madagascar port; (2) ensure that each access point is guarded and that guards have total visibility of the exterior of the vessel while in a Madagascar port; (3) attempt to execute a Declaration of Security while in a Madagascar port; (4) log all security actions; and (5) report actions taken to the pertinent Captain of the Port prior to arrival in the U.S.

The conditions of entry do NOT apply to vessels arriving from the port of Toamasina (also known as Tamatave) during their last five port calls.