>Seafarers Shore Access on MTSA Facilities

>On Oct. 2, RDML Kevin S. Cook, Director of Prevention Policy, issued ALCOAST 575/09 regarding seafarer access on Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) facilities.

The ALCOAST is a follow-up to ALCOAST 529/08, released last fall, and is necessary based upon the challenges that seafarers are facing nationwide.

The ALCOAST provides additional policy/guidance to Coast Guard Captains of the Port with respect to their role in ensuring that the coordination of seafarer access is reasonable and clearly defined within a MTSA regulated facility’s security plan. Reasonable access is access that is not overly restrictive or expensive.

A recent study conducted by the Seamans Church Institute within a sample of ports around the country can be found on CG Homeport under the Seafarer Access tab, and on the Seamans Church Institute website.