>Policy: 30 Day Unescorted Access Extension to Individuals Awaiting Receipt of a Replacement TWIC

>The TWIC/MTSA Policy Advisory Council (PAC) recently updated PAC Decision 03-09 (Change 3). The previous policy limited unescorted access for individuals awaiting receipt of a replacement Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) to no longer than seven days. Because some individuals are not receiving their replacement TWIC within that period of time, the policy has been changed to allow such unescorted access for no longer than 30 days. The individual must show that the replacement TWIC has been ordered and must provide the VSO, FSO, or other designated employee with security duties, the individual’s first and last names and application ID.

The PAC decision has been posted to both the secure (password protected) and unsecure side of HOMEPORT under Missions > Maritime Security > Missions > Maritime Security > Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) > Policy > Policy Advisory Council Decisions for TWIC.