>Policy: Existing Alternative Fire Detection Systems for Small Passenger Vessels Using DC Power

>The Coast Guard Office of Vessel Activities (CG-543) issued policy letter 09-03 providing guidance regarding existing alternative fire detection systems for small passenger vessels using direct current (DC) power.

The alternative fire detection systems are permissible if installed prior to December 31, 2002 under G-MOC policy letter 4-98.

Installations or replacements made on or after January 1, 2003 should fully comply with the provisions of 46 CFR 181.400. If a system approved under the provisions of policy letter 4-98 was installed on or after January 1, 2003, Coast Guard Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection should consider and evaluate the circumstances under which it was approved when making a decision on whether to require retrofitting with a type approved system.

Additional information on fixed fire extinguishing systems for small passenger vessels including the types of fixed fire extinguishing systems that can be installed, as well as information to assist when evaluating fixed fire extinguishing system and main engine shut down options, are available at the Coast Guard Headquarter’s Life Saving and Fire Safety Division’s website.