>Mass Rescue Operation Workshop

>Coast Guard Passenger Vessel Safety Specialists (PVSS) and the Office of Search and Rescue recently participated in a Mass Rescue Operation (MRO) workshop at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada on 16–17 September 2009.

The Coast Guard’s Passenger Vessel Safety, Prevention and Mass Rescue Operations Program was created in 2002 to enable the response community (Coast Guard, other Federal, State, and local agencies, as well as industry and maritime stake holders) to develop plans and procedures to prevent, or if necessary to respond to and mitigate a passenger vessel emergency or other large scale marine or aircraft, or earthquake, or flood casualty, taking in account all available resources.
Full details of the Program are provided at http://www.uscg.mil/pvs/ and in Commandant Instruction 16711.1.
For more information on how to plan for MRO operations, please contact the Fifth District’s Passenger Vessel Safety Specialist, Mr. Dennis Spain at (757) 398-6558.
Pictured above, workshop participants from CG Headquarters (CG-543), OPCOM 5, FORCECOM 5, the R & D Center and the Districts, enjoy a brief interlude in the workshop.