>Fifth District Investigates Deadly Parasail Accident

>Rear Adm. Wayne Justice, Fifth Coast Guard District Commander, ordered a District Formal Investigation to determine the cause of the parasailing accident onboard the Tied High that resulted in the death of two females in Ocean Isle, N.C. on Friday, Aug. 28.

A District Formal Investigation consists of a Coast Guard investigating officer who will receive evidence and testimony using formal rules and procedures, and is convened when the information to be derived has considerable regional significance, or may indicate vessel class problems or areas of technical importance.

Parasailing is an industry well represented within the Fifth Coast Guard District, which ranges from North Carolina to New Jersey, and is not regulated by the Coast Guard. Information related to this industry is available from the Parasail Safety Council and the Professional Association of Parasail Operators. The Coast Guard completed an Analysis of Parasail Vessel Casualties for the calendar years 1992 – 2001. This analysis as well as recent industry trends and practices will be reviewed in order to fully probe every aspect of this tragic accident.

Coast Guard investigations of marine casualties and accidents are for the purpose of taking appropriate measures for promoting safety of life and property, and are not intended to fix civil or criminal responsibility.

The District Formal Investigation is expected to last several weeks.