>Coast Guard Posture Statement with 2010 Budget Brief

>Recently, Commandant Thad Allen presented the United States Coast Guard’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Posture Statement. The FY 2010 Posture Statement articulates major trends and characteristics that affect the Coast Guard’s geostrategic environment, and is informed directly by field commanders who make risk-based decisions every day to ensure resources are allocated to highest order needs.

Priorties for FY 2010 include:

• Recapitalizing Operating Assets and Sustaining Infrastructure;
• Enhancing Maritime Safety and Security;
• Modernizing Business Practices; and
• Optimizing Workforce Capacity.

Coast Guard members are encouraged to read the Posture Statement , watch the Commandant’s Posture Statement Video, or browse the related USCG website. Members are also encouraged to review the FY 2008 Performance Report released in May 2009.