>Tank Vessel Response Plans: Alternate Planning Criteria Guidelines

>The Coast Guard Office of Vessel Activities in Washington, DC has published Policy letter 09-02 “Industry Guidelines for Requesting Alternate Planning Criteria Approval, One Time Wavers and Interim Operating Authorization.” Several areas under U.S. jurisdiction do not have sufficient spill response resources to meet the national planning criteria. This policy provides the procedures that the maritime industry should follow when requesting alternate planning criteria approval, one-time waivers, and iterim operating authorization in accordance with 33 CFR 155.1065. Sector Commanders/Captain of the Port (COTP) should also become familiar with this policy to ensure Coast Guard wide consistent application of the review, approval and enforcement procedures for vessel response plans. Information about the Coast Guard’s vessel response plan program is available at CG Homeport. This policy letter may be found under “What’s New.”